Staking Pool Withdrawal Page.

I’ve made this the withdrawal page for all the pools because it seemed some people were having trouble accessing the withdrawal forms on some of the pages. Please note that ALL FaucetHub-bound withdrawals will incur a 1.5% deposit fee. I have no control over this as it is a FaucetHub fee. This includes BLK, PPC, BTX, and POT. Coins going to wallets or exchanges are only subject to network transaction fees, to the best of my knowledge.

For MOST withdrawals, I will confirm with you on FaucetHub that you submitted a withdraw request before sending coins. Network fees will be deducted from the amount you enter in the form.


Please note, that due to the time intensive manual nature of these stakes and the associated spreadsheets, if you withdraw prior to a staking batch’s completion, you will forfeit any stakes you would have earned for that batch.