Welcome to the PeerCoin Staking Pool


Like all our staking pools, this is only available to FaucetHub users.

Please note that while the staking system has been verified to produce rewards consistently, it has not been determined what the minimum balance is to generate any rewards. ALSO,  peercoins need 30 days to mature before they are even eligible to earn rewards. keep this in mind if you are going to join this pool. This is a long-term pool with potentially low rewards over a long period of time.

There is a minimum deposit of .5PPC You can also make multiple deposits whenever you like. Each day’s deposit will generate a new line on the spreadsheet as each deposit will earn at different rates based on weight and age of deposit. Each deposit must meet the minimum of .5PPC If you wish to participate in this pool, simply follow these instructions:


NEW: Make a deposit totaling 150PPC or more and receive a 5000 satoshi bonus in FH. (does not need to be all at once, when your deposited balance reaches this amount, you will activate the bonus)

  1. Send PPC (Peercoin) to: PDiospHZAb36FtTpvh4qEa2cuBmpGV1XtF
  2. If you only have your PPC at FaucetHub, you may tip it to “chickenburrito”. But this is very important, TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR TIP AND PM IT TO ME AT FH, (if I am not online at the time.
  3. All deposits subject to verification. Keep proof of deposit handy (screenshot of server tip messages, when applicable or txid)
  4. Fill out this form: 

  5. Staking updates will be sent out every 2-3 days via email once staking commences.
  6. Withdrawals can be requested at any time (after coins have matured), but will require up to 24-36 hours processing time. You can choose all or a portion of your coins to withdraw.

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You are free to withdraw your coins at any time, provided they have matured. You can withdraw all or part of your balance. If you leave part of your balance in the pool, the amount remaining MUST be at least .1PPC

Withdrawal Page