Welcome to the POTcoin Staking Pool


If you have POTcoin and would like to stake your coins with me, here’s the place to do it.  There is a 15POT minimum deposit.

This pool is always open to new deposits, and deposited coins will join the pool immediately and will be eligible for rewards once they mature. Multiple deposits are allowed but your coins must mature before they can earn rewards


NEW: Deposit bounty. Make a deposit totaling 2500POT or more and receive a 5000 satoshi bonus in FH. (does not need to be all at once, when your deposited balance reaches this amount, you will activate the bonus)

  1. Read this: Deposited coins need to mature 8 hours before they can begin to earn a staking reward. Unlike other pools, I DO NOT take any “maintenance or marketing fees”. However, I will round down to the nearest 10000th, (0.000X) This will make the sheets easier to manage and will cover all the fees associated with this coin. You can request a withdrawal at any time but note that they will be processed over a 24-36 hour period, and may only be requested after coins have been on deposit for 12 hours or more. You can request your full accumulated amount, or any portion thereof.
  2. Send POT, 15POT minimum to: P9iBpdmpMb4mrg39PRey88pC8rPKUcmyL9
  3. You may also Tip your deposit from FaucetHub to ‘chickenburrito’. Take a screenshot of the tip message, if i am not online. Also a good idea to do it even when i’m online.
  4. All deposits subject to verification. Keep proof of deposit handy (screenshot of server tip messages, when applicable or txid)
  5. Fill out this form:
  6. Results sheets will be sent out every 2-3 days. Please make sure your email address is correct.

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This is not a special thing I’m putting on because I like you so much. I already stake my POT so if you want to get in on it, you’re welcome to. Otherwise, stay off my lawn!

You can earn POTcoin here:

Or visit the growing list of bona fide faucets.

Potcoin.com for wallets.

You are free to withdraw your coins at any time, provided they have matured. You may withdraw all or any portion thereof, but if you withdraw a portion, you must leave at least 5POT to continue staking.

Withdrawal Page