Welcome to the Cardano [ADA] Staking Pool



Staking for Cardano [ADA] has not yet been confirmed or proven yet so consider this pool to be in “beta”.

Rules are simple, like all the other pools, make your deposit to the address listed, fill out the form, and wait.

Since Cardano is still in beta, I have no idea how quickly rewards are paid out, how much they are, or how long the maturation time for coins is. I also have no idea how much it would take to generate enough weight to successfully stake, so I am making the minimum deposit 100ADA, and will adjust this minimum as the network dictates.

You are free to withdraw your coins at any time, assuming they have deposit confirmations into the pool

  1. Deposit ADA (100 minimum) here: DdzFFzCqrhspeywtfyB9XorBbqD25mdp51HitPTLqtkVX3dGsohqFFVawV1Mp5e63bZ7GFxtXESMn6q4BNwPP19Z2bGAWc4xQnPU4eJ3
  2. Address” type=”textarea” required=”1″ /]

    You can request withdrawals here.

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